The Campaign for Safe Communities is a collaboration of civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations, universities and research institutions, the business community, faith-based and community organisations, and concerned individuals who have united to address the unacceptable levels of violence and crime in South Africa.

Each day the rights to equality, human dignity, life, freedom and security of the person, privacy, movement, property, housing, access to courts and the rights of arrested and detained persons are trampled on.

When crimes are committed people encounter an overburdened and under-resourced police and criminal justice system that is often ineffective and insensitive to the needs of victims. Many seeking some form of closure will not find justice.

The Campaign for Safe Communities is dedicated to improving levels of safety and access to justice for all people. We recognise that the police and the criminal justice system cannot address these problems alone. It requires a coordinated response from all government departments and agencies responsible for the provision of safety and justice.


But it also requires involvement and active citizenship from individuals, families and communities, civil society, faith and community based organisations, the business community and all sectors and groupings in our society.


As a nation we continue to express outrage when the media reports another horrific incident, but without contributing to plans, without advocating for what needs to be done, without putting pressure on government, we will not succeed in creating safe communities and a safe South Africa.


Speakers from various organisations and backgrounds will address the audience followed by a Q & A session.


All members of the press as well as members of the public are invited to and urged to attend the launch of the Campaign for Safe Communities.


Details of the Launch:


Date:                        27 March 2013

Time:                        18:00

Place:                       Jameson Hall, University of Cape Town




For general enquiries please contact the coordinator, Daniel Hofmeyr on 079 699 4588 or


Please visit for more information.

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